Sandymount Regeneration Project

Sandymount Cemetery, in Glasgow, is one of the older Jewish cemeteries where some of the members of the Glasgow Jewish Community are buried.

Over the years acts of vandalism directed towards the graves and headstones has reached a point where the cemetery and the adjacent area has deteriorated into an extremely depressing condition.

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Cemetery Picture March 2005
March 2005

Cemetery Picture December 2005
December 2005

Cemetery Picture February 2009
February 2009


The Sandymount Regeneration Project was established in 2004 as a Registered Charity No. 1106616, in response to the current condition of the cemetery.

The object of the Project is to reverse the downward spiral of vandalism and deterioration in the Hebrew section of the cemetery and eliminate the conditions which allows vandalism to thrive.

The proposal is to lay the headstones horizontal just below grass level to allow grass cutting and general maintenance to be carried out by the Land Services Department of Glasgow City Council. Approval for the proposal has been received from the Glasgow Hebrew Burial Society, and the Glasgow Beth Din.

The Charity employed the services of a Glasgow based Chartered Surveyor who has prepared a specification and schedule of the proposed works. Local contractors who expressed an interest in the Project were invited to tender for the contract. After due consideration a contractor was appointed and the contract let.
The total estimated cost of the Project is 210,000. With donations of 50,000 so far received Phase 1 of the work, comprising Rows 1 to 8 started on site on 31 October 2005, and completed on schedule on 16 December 2005. Fundraising is now in progress for Phase 2, comprising rows 9 to 16.

Following an article published recently in the Glasgow edition of the Jewish Telegraph we have received enquiries from relatives of those buried in Sandymount wishing to offer their help and assistance. Anyone wishing to give their time to this worthy cause please either write to the Correspondence address, or e-mail the Chairman of the Trustees.

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